Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pom-Pom Christmas Trees

For all of you struggling parents (financially, that is), this is a VERY cheap craft! I spent $2.50 on this craft at Dollar General. We crafted for an entire hour. Getting the attention of small children can be challenging, but this craft allowed us all some quality time together.
Bag of Pom-Pom Balls (Price : $1.00)
Pack of Foam Sticker Sheets (Price : $1.00)
Bottle of Dollar General Brand Glue (Price : $.50)
Optional : Foam Decorative Stickers (Price : $1.00)
We learned the hard way the glue DOES NOT work on the foam side! The balls were sliding all over the place.
If you are looking for EASY application, and LESS mess, use the sticky side of the foam sheet.
For $2.50, you can't pass up this fun, kid-friendly craft!
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