Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Giveaway Tue "Lates" Day!

My giveaway was scheduled for Monday and it is now Tuesday! Ahh, late on freebies and now the giveaway. Between school and the little ones my time is becoming more and more slim. As I promised, here is the giveaway!
I have some terms, but they do not include money.
Connect with me and my blog from the following places, and the first 3 to e-mail me @ mdamron1221@gmail.com having completed the terms, will be receiving their free items in the mail!
(For those of you not familiar with Sverve, it is much like Pinterest, but for mom bloggers. You can pick up paid assignments, promote your blog posts, and become a top influencer!)
Once you have signed up for Sverve,
E-Mail me with links that you have followed me from, and you are done:)

The Fun Part!

-Black Stretchy Headband with Orange Flower
-White Stretchy Headband with Pink Flower and Royal button
-Black Stretchy Headband, Yellow Flower with White PolkaDots
-White Stretchy Headband, Pink Flower with Lime Green PolkaDots
-White Newborn headband, Purple Flower
Newborn - 3 Months Headbands


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