Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weather Keeping All The Chicks In One Coop?

As we all know the later, and earlier months of the year tend to keep us inside a bit more than usual. It's winter, most of us are in more than we're out. Keeping all the little ones calm, and avoiding the winter stir crazies sems impossible. I have been finding a few inside activities that wear off that extra energy of little ones. I have come across several YouTube Videos to help burn off the stir crazy that I thought I'd share:)
This woman is absolutely inspiring! She tells a story to kids through excercise. I tested this out with my children, and they have become very smitten with her YouTube show.
This is the video my kids watched today, and I plan on letting them watch one episode every day we are cooped up. Not only are they getting their wiggles out, they are also being educated.
This video had my children panting! It's a fast paced excercise video with easy moves for even our tiniest waddlers. They also have alot of educational videos for our young ones, which gives them my definite approval.
It features real children, which really motivates your little ones to follow along. They love to follow along with their peers.
This video has simple graphics and instructions. Some excercise, and learning about basic body parts in the act. Let's get our little ones movin'!
Here's to kickin' the winter blues!
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ShaunaQ said...

Wow! Those are great ideas. My daughter just tries to ride her bike everywhere in the house. Might try some of these!

Megan Damron said...

We have the toddler scooters that can turn into skateboards as they age! They drive me cuckoo with those:)

April Me said...

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April from:
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Julia P F said...

Great ideas. I was thrilled school has restarted
, visiting from he blog hop

Chantal Hickey said...

What an awesome list of ideas- I know I could use 'em with all my littles because we are for sure experiencing some stir-crazies around here! Thanks for compiling! :)

Chantal Hickey

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