Friday, January 18, 2013

Now You Can Belieb It!

My second Liebster Award in one week, provided by The Crafty Side Of Sarcasm!
The Liebster Award is awarded to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers, by bloggers.
As a nominee I have to nominate another 11 bloggers, Post 11 random facts about myself, Answer 11 questions for the awarding blogger {That’s Tash} and ask 11 questions to the 11 bloggers I nominated {Those of you who love even numbers might not be happy with all those elevens}. Sounds hard but it’ll be really fun!
Questions By The Crafty Side Of Sarcasm

1} What is your ultimate goal for 2013?
Being a more effective mother hyperactive children, find out more here!

2} If you could be anything in the world for a day what would it be?
If I could be anything in the world for a day, I would be a marine biologist. I can swim, but not well and I have always loved the creatures of the deep blue.

3} What is the best vacation {or staycation} you’ve ever been on?
Our family Holden Beach trips.

4} What is your favorite food?
My favorite food of all-time would have to be homemade lasagna with EXTRA ricotta. This was always my "birthday" dinner as a little girl.

5} What do you wish you could do everyday that you don’t get a chance to do?
MY HAIR & MAKE-UP! My two toddlers do not allow me my sacred bathroom time.

6} Do you burp in public? { I’m watching Honey BooBoo- it’s only appropriate}
Honestly, depends on where I'm at in public.

7} What is your favorite song?
I love country! I can't even think of a favorite song right now.

8} What makes it your favorite song?
Refer above!

9} What is the best dessert you’ve ever eaten?
We call them the Jump Out Of Bed Snacks, check them out.

10} Do you watch Honey BooBoo’s TV show?
Actually, I do! I think she is adorable. I've heard how people think the show is disgusting, and I think it's disgusting that people would judge a child.

11} What is your favorite TV channel?
The CW!
Proud To Announce My Nominees:
1} DeDe at Designed Decor
2}  Linda at Two Succulent Sisters
3} Amber at Scent Surplus
4} Camille at Life In Mod
5} Jennifer at A Little Bit Sassy
6} Vicky at The Pursuit of Normal
7} Laura-Kim at Harassed Mom
8} Alma at To Save A Dollar
9} Green Mom and Kids

I have been nominated twice now for the Liebster award, and believe or not out of the many blogs I am following I cannot find 11 this time with under 200 followers. If you have under 200 followers, leave a comment with your blog link and I will review and add you to this list. :)
My 11 questions for my nominees.
1} If you had the chance to go back in time, where and when would you go?
2} If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?
3} Your best recipe post?
4} Your best DIY post?
Tip:If 3 and 4 don't apply to you, find something you'd like to do yourself, or just post your favorite recipe.
5} Let's spice up Liebster questions! Draw a puppy blindfolded, take a picture and post it as the answer.
6} The most inspiring person in your life and why?
7} Your being shipped to an island and can only bring one item(not person) for survival, what would it be?
8} Your most popular blog post?
9} You can only eat one kind of sandwich for the rest of your life, what kind?
10} Favorite restuarant, why?
11} The blog you read the most? Outside of your own of course.

When you have posted your Liebster award post, please comment below with a link so I can come check it out!


Camille DiPaola said...

:) Thank you, lady. You're awesomee.


Designed Decor said...

Thanks Megan!

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I have no followers! But I think that's because I'm struggling to understand the tech side of blogging! Check me out. Http:/

Megan Damron said...

Camille & DeDe, you are both very welcome!

Afra, I'm on my way to check you out!:)

Penny Roach said...

LOL Megan. I just posted the answers to the questions. Can't believe I just drew a 5 minute blindfolded puppy drawing! LOL. Thanks so much for the nomination!

Penny at

Designed Decor said...

Megan, just posted the answers to your questions! Thanks again!

Designed Decor said...

Forgot to leave you the link instead of you searching.

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