Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Themed Photography Advice Among Some Other Things

I am a very active "pinterester". I found some pictures that I just absolutely loved, and I had the perfect model. Meet Shayleigh, she is the adorable 9 month old that I nanny.
Camera: Kodak EasyShare CD82, so for all of you with cameras that are not so high tech, do not fret.
Photo Editing Software: PicMonkey Free, and available online. 
First photo: I'm sure you guys are wondering why on earth I used orange lights instead of white, which happens to be the norm for these kinds of photos. It just so happens that ALL of our white lights are on display. We have them residing on the tree, stairwell, outside bushes, and posts for the season. The picture still turned out beautiful, and festive. I always edit my photos, but this one was uneditable. It was perfect just the way it was taken.
Second Photo: I found some Christmas tree picture advice on Pinterest, and decided to give it a-go. On top of the advice, I have her wearing a small santa hat, and she is sitting inside a red and white stocking. The advice I was given was to set small children off to the side of the tree with natural light coming from behind the tree. Tip: Daytime Christmas tree photos come out with better quality than night time photos. Editing at PicMonkey: I used the Cross Process option, and just added a simple black and white frame.
Third Photo:
Again, she is in the stocking and Santa hat, but I just LOVE this picture. I took this picture with natural light behind me. I bent down, and took the picture somewhat above her. For editing I used Cross Process, and the Frost option in their seasonal folder. I added "Happy Holidays!" in the text box, and popped it at the bottom of the photo.

Tomorrow's blog will be featuring some of my picks for freezer meals. Everyone loves time-savers!


Mammasaurus said...

I love the photo of Shayleigh in that stocking!
PicMonkey rocks!

Megan Damron said...

+Mammasaurus Thank you, and yes it does!

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