Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sensory Playtime!

We used baby lotion, and various cars in this sensory bin.
As your children get older you will start to notice how much they start using their hands. The best way to get them in complete sense of their touch is through sensory play. Sensory play is used in Preschool's and Kindergarten classes worldwide. Sensory play knows no boundaries, it's a wonderful way to learn. My most favorite thing about sensory bins, is it keeps kids busy for hours. Thats enough time to get a whole house clean, plus a couple loads of laundry. ;) It's a known fact that a mother with a clean house and busy, happy kids has less stress.

Sensory Bin Ideas

Construction Site - Sand/Dirt, small construction vehicles, some action figures, small construction cones, plastic trees, tools, mini shovels.
Nature - Grass with hidden plastic bugs, some small plastic trees.
Christmas Themed - Cotton Balls, Plastic ornaments, Christmas Giftboxes, Miniature stockings, Small Plush Santa/Elf, pine cones.
Marine Life - Water, Plastic fish, stones, grass.
Farm Life - Hay, Small Farm, Farm animals, grass, small trees.
Shredded Paper Treasures - Shredded Paper, any small toys, alphabet letters.
Extinct Bin - Sand/Dirt, Dinosaurs, grass, plastic eggs, homemade playdough (fossils).
I could go on and on about sensory bins for hours, but I won't. As you can see you just use your creative mind, pick a theme, and throw it together in a bin. I like to hide stuff within the makes of the sensory bin, it's much more fun when they have to dig to find stuff.

Base Ideas

Finding bases is easy, I promise! You can find them in food sections, body care sections, craft sections, pretty much anywhere. Of course, you have the bases I've listed above, hay, sand/dirt, water, etc., but I'll throw you a few more to get your started.
-Any kind of bagged beans
-Pasta Noodles (Food Color Dyed, or not & Any shape or size)
-Any type of rice
-Mardi Gras necklaces
-Shaving Cream
Sensory play does not end in bins, it only begins! You can use water bottle with odds and ends in them, filled to the brim with water. Even just taking your children outside to explore nature is developing their senses.
Hope I've inspired you to get creative, and enjoy sensory play with your little ones!



Jennifer Fischer said...

I love the idea of using lotion. What fun! We are big fans of sensory bins and are starting share more of them over at The Good Long Road.

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