Saturday, December 15, 2012


Newton, Connecticut Elementary School Tribute

Before I proceed back to my normal posts, I'd like to send my prayers out to the families of the victims of this heartbreaking event. Cherish your loved ones, because this Christmas some families have had that and more taken away from them. The happenings of December 14th are absolutely heart shattering. I can not even begin to understand or feel the pain these families are suffering through. This is the time of year where families should be coming together, not being ripped apart. I am praying for the strength of these families as they struggle through this time. To all the brave souls that were taken on December 14th, your memory lives on. Although, I know not all the money in the world could replace a loved one, the following facilities are accepting donations to help the families through this trying time:

Newton Parent Connection

This nonprofit organization is trying to bring in more couselors for the grieving family and friends of the community.

Sandy Hook Relief Fund

Besides the cost of processing, and accepting the donations, this fund donates 100 percent of the proceeds to the families in need. If you don't feel comfortable donating, and afraid of your money outside of the hands of the families of the victims, this site offers it's credentials. This site has been responsible for large donations to aid Haiti, Hurricane Sandy Relief, and 9/11.
The lives that were taken will never be forgotten. After doing some more research on the event, I have heard many stories about Victoria Soto. Although each story is different, I believe she is a hero in everyones eyes. Anyone who will shield someone's life is a hero. She sacrificed her life for that of her students, and that is truly amazing.

Victoria Soto -- A Dedicated Educator

As the picture states this is a Global Event.
Me and my two babies will be walking in Charlotte, NC.
There is no designated spot to walk,
just walk in the memory of those in Newton, CT.


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