Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Get Creative With Dollar Tree! Part 1

I never thought I would walk into Dollar Tree, and notice the endless creative possibilities. From bath-time fun to everyday crafts and adventures for the little ones. I will be sharing with you all of my families fun moments that have begun off of single dollars.
Some of the items I bought:
-Bubble Bath
-Sponge Shapes
-Foam Shapes
-Food Coloring
-Foam Paper
-Stacking Bins
-Safety Scissors
-Construction Paper
-Highlighters(4 pk.)
-Paper Plates
-Crayons (8 Jumbo)

Bathtime Fun

For bathtime fun I, of course, used bubble bath. The sponge shapes were used for sensory play in the bathtub. The kids enjoyed squeezing them and watching the sponge waterfalls. The sponges also stuck to the wall, which they thought was awesome. Foam paper when wet also sticks to walls. I wanted to get a large piece of foam paper, so that I could cut out my own shapes. You can cut out face shapes, or pumpkin shapes, or even a christmas tree and then cut out ornaments. The Christmas tree would be awesome this time of year. They could decorate their very own bathtub foam paper Christmas tree. Food coloring can be used to color ice cubes, and put into the bathtub when frozen. Kids love color, and when you drop the cubes into the water it spreads out beautifully. Highlighters believe it or not can be used to make bathwater glow. Be sure to get nontoxic highlighters, so it is safe for the little ones!

Paper Plate Crafts

-Paper Plates
-Construction Paper
These were so fun to make! The little ones got to have their first experience with glue, and scissors. I love that they enjoy crafting! Their little eyes lit up when they realized we were making animals out of paper plates, they couldn't believe it. If you don't feel your kids are ready for scissors or glue, let them color the plates. After they are done coloring, draw a face in black crayon/marker, and just cut out some ears and there you have it, paper plates crafted into animals!

I have so many more Dollar Tree ideas to come, this is only Part 1! Enjoy! ;)




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