Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Organization & Dinosaur Fossils

Organization Is Key

Organization is not one of my strong points, but I am trying.

Today I decided to gather up a box of the kids "smaller" toys. On top of Christmas nearing, I am tired of the tiny toys collecting in every empty space on the floor. I have decided to pull this box of toys out once a month, for them to just go at it. That gets rid of a plethora of toys for 98% of the month. Also, in getting rid of this clutter, the kids will get excited once a month for toys they have not seen in awhile.
In our box:
-A farm, with farm animals and a cowboy
-Garanimals Blocks
-Teeny Tiny Dinosaurs
-Miscellaneous random odds & ends toys

On top of ridding of some toy clutter, I cleaned my bathroom spotless [even the floors;)], cleaned out the kids wardrobes [for the 4th time within a month], got rid of some stuff that wasn't being used. I felt pretty productive today.

{Play Dough}

Rewind to my posts about how to make play dough, and the fun we had.
The play dough fun is about to get really interesting. I have come across a cute idea on how to make dinosaur fossils. Of course our play dough is nearing it's end anyways, so why not turn it into something else? There is nothing like recycling!
You will need:
Small Dinosaurs
Play dough(of course)

Roll the play dough out, and place the dinosaur on its side and push down.
Depending on the age of the child, you can roll it out, and let them push the dinosaur down.
Let the playdough sit overnight, and there you have it dinosaur fossils!
In the process of making the fossils.
I let him push them down and then I cut around the dinosaurs with a butter knife.
Natalie pushed hers down so hard that when I pulled them off the play dough was still stuck to the dinosaur. Needless to say, with children under 3, supervise the pushing technique.
After the butterknife fail.
Even though they don't look clean cut, what fossil is?
I know Ian will be very proud of his fossils.
I can't wait to see the turn out tomorrow morning.

Bieber Is Back!

Bieber is our Elf on the Shelf. We began this tradition last year. Last year Bieber road in on a reindeer, read some books, spilled toothpaste in the sink, hung jingle bells on the toilet, brought a sign from the North Pole, brought some delicious reindeer poop(M&M's, Peanut Butter Crunch, or just anything you can find), ziplined on some streamer, road a triceratops, and I could go on for 25 days.
This year Bieber is going to get in some major trouble! The kids are gonna love it. :) For all you sneak-peekers, this is what the babies will be waking up to in the mornin':
Bieber has TP'd the tree!
Lord knows, what am I gonna do with this mischievious elf?
He is just too much.
Well this busy mom is off to turn in some assignments, and get prepared for another busy day.
Goodnight all!




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